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I am a professional dancer, I qualified as a Pilates teacher in 2011 by the Spanish Federation of Pilates and Taichi (Madrid) recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance, and since then I have dedicated myself uninterruptedly to teach classes, from children to people of 96 years, individually, and groups of up to 40 people.

I have worked with all kinds of people, in rehabilitation, with postural problems, spinal deviations and various musculoskeletal pathologies, blind people and people with cognitive difficulties (among others…). Today I continue my training in Pilates Reformer, and on the other hand as an Ontological Coaching.
Ontological Coaching. I love my work, and being able to transmit all my knowledge about the body in the most enjoyable, fun and relaxed way possible, motivating those lazy people in the habit of care and body awareness.

Among the hundreds of students I have accompanied I have seen great improvements, transformations and advances, which motivates me every day to continue working with enthusiasm and to give the best of me to each one. Currently I work with people around the world, especially providing online and face-to-face sessions (depending on the country or city where I am).

I invite you to try this method, which in my personal experience, as in the experience of most of my students, has benefited me enormously, as it not only strengthens and makes your body more flexible, but also keeps you slim, agile, and especially free of back pain and contractures!

Don’t let others tell you how good Pilates is and give it a try!


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Join for only 3,50€ per month and start enjoying discounts in bars and restaurants.
Join for only 3,50€ per month and start enjoying discounts in bars and restaurants.