Lado|B|erlin is thrilled to announce that the fourth edition of Latin American Empanadas Week will take place between the 3rd and 8th of October in Berlin, bringing all the flavors of South America with an economical menu priced at only 10€ for all Berliners to enjoy.

Once again, we have broken our record of participating ’empanaderías,’ and for the first time, we have nineteen participating restaurants representing the cultures and cuisines of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and Italy as an invited guest.

4th Latin American Empanadas Festival by Lado|B|erlin.
4th Latin American Empanadas Festival by Lado|B|erlin. Poster art by Ruloi.

Also, for the first time, we have invited a country to participate in our festival. The idea behind this is to showcase similar creations to empanadas from around the world. This year, we are happy to announce that Italy will join us, offering their Panzerotto at Spaccanapoli Nr. 12.

Berliners will find it easy to navigate the city with our Latin American Empanada Week Map on our website, making it simple for everyone to locate every restaurant and find directions with ease. Lado|B|erlin is the creator of the Latin American Restaurants Map of Berlin, which this time will exclusively feature the Empanadas Restaurants at the Festival website.

How does the Festival work? Every restaurant creates its own Empanada Menu for 10€, showcasing a part of their culture. For instance, Colombians will feature typical Tres Leches and Aguapanelas, while Chileans will offer red wine with a dulce de leche alfajor. Whichever restaurant you choose, you will be served from a 10€ menu from the 3rd to the 8th of October. Each location has its own working hours, which are published on our website, and we will communicate them daily to all our followers.


Instagram Contest and Partners
For the first time, the Latin American Empanadas Week by Lado|B|erlin will offer not one but three prizes that people can win by participating in Social Media. With a photo contest, participants will have the chance to win one of three prizes from our sponsors. They will only need to post an Empanada-related picture, tagging @ladoberlinmagazine and our sponsor to enter.

  1. Win tickets for the legendary Argentinian band Catupecu Machu in Berlin
    Thanks to Deputamadre Club, the photo with the most rock spirit will win two tickets to Catupecu Machu’s concert in Berlin in October.
  2. Win a Beer Barrel with Beerhand App
    A group of beer enthusiasts has founded a group called Beerhand. The concept is simple: wherever you are, whenever you are having a beer, share it with everyone else by raising your glass—hence, beer hand. This group of friends has even created their own app to share and spread a worldwide toast with everyone. During the festival, the app will host a challenge for the Latin American Empanadas Week. The beer hand with the winning empanada will receive a Beer Barrel of 5 liters plus merchandise. The app is free.
  3. Learn how to make empanadas! With Carolina Caicedo
    Anyone can learn how to make empanadas; you just need the right place to start. That’s what Colombian influencer Carolina Caicedo will teach in her Empanada Course to three lucky winners who post a photo of their favorite empanada.

Enjoy More after the festival with the discounts from Club Lado|B|erlin
Released in 2022, the Club Lado|B|erlin card costs only 3.50€ per month and gives you access to a world of discounts and benefits in the Latin American community in Berlin. People can enjoy discounts of up to 50% at restaurants, fitness studios, courses, parties, experiences, and more. Most of the participating restaurants in the Latin American Empanadas Week are Club Lado|B|erlin members. Therefore, for anyone who would like to experience Latin America, during the festival week, we will offer a one-month free subscription for everyone to try it out.

Latin American Artists
For the second time, we have partnered with Ruloi, the Argentine artist based in Germany who designed the festival poster. It’s a unique experience for everyone to enjoy, seeing a reimagined Berlin receiving an abundance of empanadas.

A bit of history
The Latin American Empanadas festival was founded by Manuel Sierra Alonso in 2020 with only seven locations. During that year, several restaurants had to close or were in dire straits due to the pandemic. Sierra Alonso’s desire to give them visibility is what drove him to carry on with the festival. The other idea behind the festival, and why it is celebrated around the time of German Reunification Day, is to celebrate the union between Germans and Latin Americans living in their adopted country, sharing their stories, food, culture, and creating something special together.

The Latin American Empanadas Week will take place from the 3rd to the 8th of October 2023 at nineteen locations throughout Berlin.

Participating restaurants:

Görlitzer Str. 42, 10997 Berlin

El Chilenito
Bergmannstraße 102, 10961 Berlin

La Picá de Deli Mel
La Picá de Deli Mel

La Criolla
Marienburger Str. 9, 10405 Berlin

Como en casa
Stubenrauchstraße 59, 12161 Berlin

Seestraße 13, 13353 Berlin

El Almacén de Fausto
Katzbachstraße 6, 10965 Berlin

Vegan Latin Cuisine
Schönfließer Str. 16, 10439 Berlin

Markthalle Pfferberg

Gärtnerstraße 2, 10245 Berlin

Gärtnerstraße 14, 10245 Berlin

Fusion (
Latin American)
Gubener Str. 41, 10243 Berlin

Winsstraße 16, 10405

Sabor Latino
Badensche Str. 35, 10715 Berlin

Tierra Colombiana
Mittenwalder Str. 27, 10961 Berlin

North Andes
Czarnikauer Str. 22, 10439 Berlin

Coco Berlin
Brunnenstr. 35, 10115 Berlin

Arminius Markthalle, Arminiusstraße 2, 10551 Berlin

Spaccanapoli Nr. 12
Wühlischstraße 12, 10245 Berlin


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