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Don’t miss the opportunity to learn German for Spanish-speaking adults, levels A1 to C1.

We will learn with role-playing dialogues related to everyday situations that will give you self-confidence.

The experience of living in Mexico showed me that learning any language is a challenge, now I would like to share my knowledge and accompany you in this process of learning and speaking German.

What will you get:

  • Courses on a dynamic platform without having to move.
  • Practical grammar exercises.
  • Listening comprehension.
  • Explanation of topics in German and Spanish.
  • Small groups of 6 students.
  • Personalized classes

Sabrina Ruhnke

Sabrina Ruhnke.
Sabrina Ruhnke.

Born in Germany, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business, currently pursuing a second degree in psychology in my seventh semester.

My passion for languages started in 2013, when I started studying Spanish, in 2015 I did my studies for two years in Mexico.

Since 2019 I have been teaching private German classes in Mexico, Germany and Austria, focusing and specializing in teaching Spanish-speaking adults.

I am passionate about traveling and connecting through languages with people from all over the world. My main goal is to support you in learning German so that you can discover other cultures, connect with more people and see the world from a different perspective.


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WhatsApp : +52 221 229 7014


Join for only 3,50€ per month and start enjoying discounts in bars and restaurants.
Join for only 3,50€ per month and start enjoying discounts in bars and restaurants.