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Wayuu backpacks are handmade by an indigenous tribe The Wayuu (tribes) live in the Guajira peninsula, the northernmost part of Colombia, in America which is located on the border with Venezuela and the Caribbean Sea.

The indigenous people who make these beautiful fashion items have lived in the desert for centuries. More importantly, their culture and traditions have survived endless struggles to offer us an exquisite variety of fashionable products.


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Hello, my name is Kela!  I’m Colombian and after finishing high school I went to California, USA where I studied Psychology and Human Resources at California State University Long Beach. During that time I worked in the area of Psychology and Human Resources in two well known companies such as Toyota and Montessori School. But since I have always had an immense passion for traveling and learning about other cultures, I started my career as a Stewardess for an Airline in the United States. Thanks to God and my job, I have traveled all over the world and have had the chance to get to know many places, cultures and beautiful people.

Being away from my country Colombia for so long made me miss my culture and my roots. So I started this new project of KM concept Store to show the world the handmade art of Colombian origin of the Wayuu culture of La Guajira. Our store is a little corner of Colombia online where you can find these products that will transport you to Colombia without having to travel there to look for it.

In the United States it was a success but the idea is to continue offering my handmade products such as backpacks, jewelry, clutches and handmade accessories to the whole world. Now we offer them in Germany and the idea is to expand throughout Europe.

I am currently living in Germany since we decided to move here with my husband and start a new married life. For me this process of adaptation has not been easy; a new language, the bureaucracy, the climate, etc.

But I am still optimistic, adapting to my new married life in Germany and with many projects with my KM concept store in the future. My advice would be to never give up on your dreams no matter how difficult they may seem. Life is very short and you should do what you love. If you are tired of the monotony and no longer want to continue in the same job, trade or company, it is never too late to change and start over. We must follow our dreams , goals and enjoy what we do. #You only live once.

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Join for only 3,50€ per month and start enjoying discounts in bars and restaurants.